Workflow Reviews and that Sleeklens Process

  • A process behind a workflow review from Sleeklens
  • Enhancing the color, texture and the aura of your images after reading a review from Sleeklens
  • Editing photos the easy way with tips from these Sleeklens workflow reviews

You might have heard about this somewhere, but there’s an intricate process involved in photo editing, and you can read about it through this workflow review process for Sleeklens.


Sleeklens is not only offering you the right tools for the job, it is also offering workflow reviews for you to make intricate adjustments to your images. And, needless to say, this workflow review process for Sleeklens doesn’t just give you minimal improvements to your photos, it enhances your photos in so many diverse ways.

The purpose of a workflow review, however, is to offer solutions whereby you can do some editing that suits your style or taste, that is, after identifying the pros and cons of that particular editing process, which is exactly what a workflow review from Sleeklens is.

But a workflow review process for Sleeklens is the type that brings out the inner beauty of your images. After identifying the right tools for your editing, Sleeklens offers techniques, and tricks even, so you can make adjustments without altering the original or natural image of your photo. It is the kind of editing that improves, not diminishes the color, texture and even the aura of your photo image.

So you need to check out this workflow review process for Sleeklens right now, and see for yourself how smooth your work can be despite the intricacies of photo editing in general. Sleeklens is offering you a way out of that difficult process, so you can edit more beautiful photos in the long run.

It will help you a lot, though, if you can visit their site today through this link,, so you can savor the beauty of your photos right from the get-go.

Lightroom 5 Free Presets

  • There’s always that one photo that has a bad lighting
  • Lightroom 5 free presets can save them getting thrown to the trash bin
  • The presets are easy to import to the work area and adjust

We all have that one photo, or a series of them, where everything seems perfect and in place, but the lighting is just way too dark, or fails to give that “oomph” factor. In such case, Lightroom 5 is the most sought software that photographers seek to rescue the “masterpiece”.


Lightroom often works best on one photo at a time, but when you have loads of photos to work on (around 500 to a thousand for example), manually adjusting each and every slide can be a very tiresome work.

Fortunately, internet arrived for humanity, and Lightroom 5 preset free came about. These free presents that can be downloaded from almost every reliable photo editing blogs have saved many photos (literally and figuratively) from getting dunked to the trashbin.

Lightroom 5 preset free makes photo editing work significantly easier by giving photographers the templates on their photos that often need lesser adjustments. Since it’s free, photographers don’t need to stress on having to pay online, and wonder whether the performance of the template would be worth its price.

Lightroom 5 preset free are easy to import to the work area, and can be applied to many different photos. Of course, there’s not a single template can be applied to all types of photos. That’s why having a vast number of template options to choose from is also a thing  photographers are greatful for.

In this day and age, a simple search on a fast and reliable search engine could result to list upon lists of different free templates that photographers and photo enthusiasts can choose from. If you’re working on many photos, then try to get your hands on a free Lightroom preset, and let it do its magic.

The Best and the Brightest Action Cams Online


  • Excellent reviews about the best action cams online
  • An action camera that produces clear, crisp images
  • Additional features in store for every action camera purchase

There are things that you need to look into before buying your action camera. Needless to say, you need to take heed of these things before grabbing that nearest action camera around Otherwise, you might end up choosing the wrong type of action camera.


If you haven’t visited Best Action Cam Review yet, you better check it out now. They offer the best reviews about action cameras or photography in general. Visit their site today at

But going back to the elements that you need to take a closer look at, let us quickly examine some of these elements instead and why aspiring photographers should cash in on these things.

  • Image clarity – Many use this camera because it is capable of producing a clear, crisp image in the process. Most of the articles found at have emphasized this particular element as one of the main reasons why photographers would pay a lot for action cameras that can produce clear pictures.
  • Easy Use – Another element is its user-friendly feature. Nobody wants to use a camera that takes a lot of your time before you can even take your first shot. That’s why has a lot of things to say about their cams being easier to use compared to others, making their collection a popular bunch when it comes to action cameras.
  • With Features – Cool action cameras come with a lot of features, additional tools that accentuate your photography experience. Read one or two reviews at, and you will discover more about what their cameras can actually offer.

These, and a whole lot more, is in store at Visit their site regularly and be an informed photographer. Consider reading their take about this particular camera before buying one, and then you can reap the benefits thereafter.

Your Lightroom 5 Wedding Pics

  • Presets perfect for your wedding pics via Lightroom 5
  • Lightroom 5 offering a variety of features for the enhancement of your wedding pics
  • Editing wedding photos like that of a professional photographer using Lightroom 5

There’s reason why more and more people are considering Lightroom as their ultimate choice when it comes to enhancing their wedding photos. Now, if you are choosing this Lightroom 5 series, you’re in for a special treat. The best wedding presets Lightroom 5 offers more than you can even imagine.


It has some of the best wedding presets you can use, complete with all those cool features Lightroom has to offer. And you can get these presets, by the way, free online. How convenient it would be if you can get these presets with you, your wedding pics will have the enhancement they deserve.

The best wedding presets Lightroom 5 has the effects that can perk up the imagination of your viewers. From vintage to black and white to HDR effects, your wedding photos will never be the same again. These are the kinds of wedding pics that will last forever, something that you’ve longed for even before saying your “I do”.

Even if you are a beginner, you need not worry at all how to navigate and use its tools because it’s user-friendly and would only take a few minutes for you to edit or enhance your photos, such as in the case of Wedding Look Lightroom Presets Free.

It saves you time, mind you, that is why this collection is considered the best wedding presets Lightroom 5 has to offer. From its choices of “cool”, “bright” and “original look”, one can say that it covers every wedding scene there is. With tons of presets to choose from, you can have that desired effect you’ve always wanted with your wedding pics.

So get the best wedding presets Lightroom 5 has to offer and experiment it with your pictures. Make the most of your wedding photos by enhancing them with Lightroom, and make your wedding day more memorable.

Collections of Brushes and Presets for Your Portraits

  • More than 50 presets for the enhancement of your portraits
  • A collection of brushes for that detailed improvement of your photo image
  • Stunning portraits out of using the easy tools of Lightroom

If you have a choice of at least 60 presets for your portraits, that is more than enough for you to churn out different kinds of effects on your photos. And if you think that portraits are limited, think again, there is a collection of Lightroom portrait presets for you to use.

1000th Image with my new Canon EOS 550DSo varied are these presets that you can experiment with it in so many ways and make changes at a drop of a hat. You can change the mood of your subject, highlight its distinguishing features and even make a caricature out of it. And all these through Lightroom portrait presets.

Aside from these presets though, there are these brushes, too, for your photos. Brushes are different from presets in that they enhance those almost invisible features on your face. So subtle is the enhancement a brush can do to your photo that you wouldn’t see the changes being made initially as soon as you apply them to your photo.

So if you’re having another set of brushes, say, 50 of them, then you can enhance 50 or more effects on your photo, that is, if you edit its layers, too. Lightroom is definitely your one-stop shop when it comes to photo editing and enhancing.

These Lightroom portrait presets also have an easy recipe list. The editing is yours for the taking when you incorporate these presets on your photo. And it is designed for everybody, not only for professionals, but to ordinary photo enthusiasts as well.

And these Lightroom portrait presets are easy to download, complete with its workflow, so you can use all its tools for the development of your photo image.

Variety is the spice of life, so they say. And these Lightroom portrait presets understand that too well. Only if you download these presets now that you can have that desired effect you want with your photos.  It has all the presets, brushes and tools for you to have these beautiful pictures online.

There are more Lightroom portrait presets to come for 2016, and you can just imagine the additional effects it can give to your photos.

Lightroom presets – Lessons Learned From The Experts

Adobe Lightroom is a good post processing tool, however, you don’t need to be so complacent as it has its own way to destroy your preset files. Most experts suggest that you should always update yourself about the latest news, trends and other significant details about Lightroom to make sure you’re doing the right thing. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid when dealing with images in Lightroom.



Combining Collections and Catalogs

Adobe Lightroom has a lot of terminologies and some of it are very confusing. Most beginners tend to mix up and combine catalog and collections. They were unable to understand that the catalog option in Lightroom is the main database of images while you can only create and sort files in Lightroom collections.

Losing significant files

One of the disadvantages of Lightroom and I guess the most frustrating part is losing important files without you knowing it. It’s always best that you regularly check your files to avoid losing track of it. In addition, you can back-up significant files on your desktop storage for safe keeping.

Manual adding of presets

There are two ways of adding presets to Lightroom. However, most beginners choose to add presets manually as they want to have a smooth and calm process. They didn’t realize that aside from the fact that they’re wasting a lot of time, they are also confusing their self. Adding presets to Lightroom can be as easy as applying presets to hundreds of images at once.

Losing exported files

While importing images into Lightroom is the starting point, exporting files is the end point of the entire process. Sometimes, Adobe Lightroom has a bad habit of losing exported files and saving only the original raw file. Most Lightroom professionals recommend that you should be very careful in saving edited images to avoid losing it in the end.

How To Control History In Lightroom

LR 15Like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom contains a history feature which shows a detailed list of the things you’ve done and applied to your images. It is the only key to restore the changes made. Unlike in the history feature in Photoshop where all the entries will disappear after closing the program, you can still access the entire history details in Lightroom.

The history panel in Lightroom can be accessed in the develop module. To see the history details, click on the panel to see the changes made to the images. Basically, the entire history settings will show you everything that you’ve made in the image. From basic adjustments to cropping and adding texts.  However, once you click any of the details in the history panel, it will automatically replace your current edits.

To guide you in using the history settings, here are the three helpful tips on how to control the history panel in Lightroom. However, if you have other concerns, visit and check sleeklens guide to installation of Lightroom’s features and services.

Delete Unnecessary Changes in History

The good side about Adobe Lightroom is that you can remove the history for a specific image. By clicking the clear all button located at the top right of the panel, you can remove the unnecessary changes made in the image. It doesn’t remove the entire modification setting in the history panel.

Set The Original Image

If you want to get back to the original image without closing the entire panel, you can do it by clicking the history panel and select the “copy history step settings to before”.

Create a New Virtual Copy

A virtual copy is not about copying the entire image, it only copies the details and settings made to the image. To create a new copy, start by choosing the history step, right click the image, create a virtual copy and you’re done.

Get to know your camera for better photography

Your camera is your most important asset as far as photography is concerned. This means that you should do everything you can to understand it the best way you can. In order to do this, you have to first of all read the manual that came with the camera. The manual will almost always tell you everything you need to know about your camera. The first of this is the formats that your camera shoots, the most likely ones being JPEG and RAW. pexels-photo-large

This is important because it will determine how much post-production work you will need to do using Adobe Lightroom after taking your photographs. Apart from that, it will also determine the quality of the images you take. RAW need a bit more post-production than their JPEG counterparts but are of a higher quality while JPEG are almost always of a lower quality than their RAW counterparts. After learning about the formats that are possible using your camera, the next thing to know about are the controls of your camera.

While all cameras will have a button for taking the actual photographs, there are many more buttons and controls that a photographer ought to know about and understand. Of course the best way to do this is to read the manual thoroughly. The next best way is to associate with people who have the same camera model. There are lots of forums where you can learn about your camera and how to shoot images of such high quality that you will not need to edit them using Lightroom Presets.

More and more cameras are coming with the ability to connect to other devices using various means. One of the oldest is through USB cables. There are cameras that are now capable of connecting using WI-FI. Knowing what connections are available and how these connections work will go a long way to improve your workflow making you a better photographer. This will be by cutting down the time it takes to transfer your photographs between your camera and your computer or laptop. This will also make it possible to collaborate with other photographers and designers by allowing you to share your works with them and they you.


As a photographer, one of the most basic things to keep in mind as far as taking care of your camera is how to hold it. The way you hold your small action cameras determined how easy it is for you to take photographs as well as reach all the controls you need while out in the field. The way you hold your camera also determines if you will drop it or bump it against some surfaces. Remember that bumping your camera against any hard surface could reduce its life at best or completely ruin it at worst.

Amazing Benefits of using Lightroom Presets

LR48What is preset anyway?

Is little more than a set of instructions that tell Lightroom how to adjust its Develop panel sliders. You can’t do anything with a Lightroom develop preset that you couldn’t do by manually adjusting the sliders.

You should try Lightroom presets. It make easy to apply anything to your images, from a standard subtle fix to an awesome and creative images. In this article, you will learn the benefits of using preset para Lightroom.

» Speed of processing: With presets in Lightroom can immediately apply edits to your images. Just click on the preset and you apply the settings to the image. You can try different preset to edit your photo as far as you want.

» Consider new options for your images: Sometime we are not aware in our editing that yield superior results. By browsing presets we can gain new ideas and insights to develop our work.

» Easy to use: It’s possible to decrease quite complex editing to a click of a mouse. You don’t need to know much more to attain some quite spectacular conversions.

» Share your work: With presets you are able to share your work with others. You can share them in public that others will see how creative are you.

» Simplify complex editing: Some edits you make in the Lightroom Develop module can take a lot of effort and time to get right. Whereas some of the changes might be unique to each image, quite a lot of the effort is repeated with other images.  With Presets can help you get 80% of the way to your results leaving you more time to work on the other 20%.

» Consistent Look: Once you edit images, you need to produce consistent look across a group of images. And thanks to preset, it makes this easy to attain as you can apply the same settings very fast to a group of images. They’re all processed in the same way and so all have a similar appearance that links them together and which is recognizable

» Sometimes you may not know how to achieve the look you want. Probably, you’re not sure how an adjustment made or perhaps it’s beyond your skill level. Using preset will help you fix this as they provide an opportunity to learn a particular edit was achieved.

Some more benefits are:  they save you time; user friendly; they work; they make you love processing; they are easy to use for a beginner and they make you want to process photographs.

Some benefits of your Photographs are:  They make your photographs look beautiful; They take your photographs from great to professional; They make processing simple, fast and effective; They get the best out of your photographs; They “complete” your idea; They work for all different types of seasons; and They flatter your photographs.

Lightroom presets bring many surprising benefits. And the benefits above are very awesome.  Even you’re not creative in doing editing photos but with the help of presets para Lightroom; you’re images will be fascinating and captivating.

Three Main Features Of Lightroom

What is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom?

Essentially, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an image processing tool that was developed by Adobe System in 2007. In addition, Adobe Lightroom contains a lot of exciting features and services that helps photographers in their workload. These features are RAW converting services, ability to create presets, manage and organize images, share collection online and more. However, the main feature of Lightroom is the presets, or filtered images that can be used to beautify one or more images at once. Check more brilliant Lightroom presets by

LR14In this article, we will going to talk about the three main features of Lightroom and its significance.

Adobe Lightroom is basically intended to assist and guide professional photographers with their workload as this program doesn’t require any manual editing. While Adobe Photoshop contains a lot of useful image editing options, Lightroom also has its own unique services which help the users save time and effort in editing images.

Here are the 3 main features of Lightroom: The program is capable of:

Organizing and Managing Images

Adobe Lightroom has a good image management feature. It can import images from other devices and duplicate it automatically to another catalog to backup the files. By this feature, photographers will never have a hard time locating and searching for their images.

Using Keyword, Metadata, and Tagging

With Adobe Lightroom, users can use keywords, metadata, and tags to search for their images. This feature is very useful for Photographers since they just need to key in the keyword to be able to locate their images on the library module.

Create Lightroom Presets

This is the main feature of Adobe Lightroom. Photographers and other users can create their own customized presets or filtered images that can be applied to one or more images at once. Lightroom presets are also reusable and changeable.


The Stunning Lightroom Presets for Portraits

portraitLightroom preset is very awesome and easy to edit photos. You can edit your photo whichever you

want. Also, you can manage your time in editing photos in just a click. A preset is a pre-determined

positions all of the sliders in Lightroom.


You can create your own specific presets for the sorts of modification that you do frequently. There are

many of Lightroom Presets accessible for payment, and there are some that can be downloaded. Below

are some Lightroom portrait presets for template resume that you can use to your photography:


#1: This Seductive V2 bundle of Lightroom presets for portraits will easy to add another incredible

playing point to your advanced photography journey with super swift and easy altering devices with the

kind of simple introduction.


#2: With this LR Portrait Retouching Brushes, you can create hot style and provocative portrait

photography impacts. Also, it will speed up your work process.


#3: This 50 Portrait Effect V1 is specifically made to make you portrait photographs into one

extraordinary. Also these presets can be used as a part of different photographs.


#4: Take your fashion portrait photography to the next level with this awesome and amazing Fashion

Portrait Lightroom Presets. These presets will make your photo editing breeze. It has the capacity to

smooth skin, brighten teeth, improve eyes, and right shading throws.


#5: You can use this PresetHut presets for wedding, parties, engagement or even any special event

photography. Make sure to unleash the genuine capability of your photographs.


#6: This Family & Children portrait Lightroom Presets will upgrade your family moments and will offer

for your portrait photographs a stunning look.


#7: This Lightroom SnapShot presets for portraits can be easily conformed to fit any photos.


#8: This Pro Portrait Volume-1 is beautifully distinctive lightroom presets for representations and for

different purposes. These presets are primarily for adobe lightroom 5.


Lightroom presets for portrait allows you to apply the same changes in accordance with your

photographs quickly. Use Lightroom portrait preset to experience something better.

Getting To Know Lightroom 5

pbn5Lightroom is one of the most effective photo editing program adobe has ever released. Lightroom can also help photographers with their workload. Personally, I can say that I am not an expert when it comes to photo editing. That’s why I need something like Lightroom to help me out with my images.

Lightroom is known to be a non-destructive photo editing tool which does not destroy the original setting of the image. In addition, it contains lightroom presets that help photographers modify photos in just a few clicks. Most people thought that this new photo editing program is a replacement to Adobe Photoshop since it has similarities with the program. But I can tell that lightroom cannot replace the uniqueness of Photoshop.You can read  more helpful tips on how to use actions in photoshop.

I am writing this review because I want to help beginners understand the services and features of lightroom. I have been using lightroom effects for 8 years now, and I still get amazed with how the company manages to put more additional features. One of the best versions of lightroom is “lightroom 5”. Its functionality is superb and has a lot of additional default lightroom presets to choose from.

There are a lot of photo editing tool available in the market today, and most of them offers filtered images. But those editors do not have the capability to preserve the original setting of the image. What’s good with Adobe’s products is that it provides a lot of editing options; it allows users to use their own creativity skills in styling images.

Generally, lightroom is one of my favorites. Although I experienced some problems along the way, the company never failed to do anything just to fix and improve it. With lightroom, anything is possible. You can always play with it to make a good and perfect image.

How to Install Lightroom Presets?

The latest version of adobe lightroom is more exciting and furious. It can work perfectly fine to both windows and mac operating system. Lightroom is one of the most powerful and excellent photo editing program that adobe has ever made. It is basically intended for professional photographers to help them with their job. Moreover, this program also helps users convert their raw images to a more lively and beautiful photograph. Among the other unique features of lightroom, presets are the most useful tool in editing images. It allows users edit tons of images in one click.

lightroom 1111

In this article, we will talk about some great ideas on how to install lightroom presets easily. These steps can be applied to all working operating system and other mobile devices. If you want to know more about how to install lightroom, watch the video below:

Quick and Easy Steps in installing lightroom

You can find a lot of lightroom tutorials online. Some of them provide the simplest way to install lightroom. But this article will give you the easiest method to install lightroom. Basically, downloading and installing presets is easy, all you have to do is to follow these five steps below.

  • Download your preferred bundle of presets online
  • Unzip the folder
  • Open the program and click menu
  • Select develop and user presets
  • Paste the files from the folder and you’re done. Presets are now ready to use.

As simple as that, you can now use your presets. However, if you want to step up with you journey in photography; you might want to try downloading paid presets. Those presets can really help you with simplify your editing process. A lot of online sites like creative market offer several paid presets.

Adobe: How to Install Presets in Lightroom 5

lightroom 2 2The new upgrade of adobe lightroom version 5.5, known to be compatible with Mac, Windows and other mobile devices, is an excellent and powerful image editing tool that is intended for professional photographers. This program also helps photographers convert a raw image to a more beautiful and elegant photograph. Among the many features and tools of lightroom is a collection of useful presets or editing templates which allows user to make changes in their photos.

In general, there are a lot of presets to choose from since it is available on the internet for free. However in the lightroom software, you can find presets in the presets menu, at the left portion of the interface. In addition, users can create their own personal presets by using the editing tools.

In this article, we will give you some ideas on how to install presets in lightroom version 5. These steps can be done in all types of operating systems.

How to create, edit and save lightroom presets?

Improve and Touch Up an Image

Open a photo that you wish to edit and make all the adjustments you want by using the available editing tools in the lightroom interface which are located on the right portion.

Make a New Preset

When you are done editing the image, and if you are satisfied with your work, save all the changes you have made as a preset in the presets menu located in the left portion on the interface.

Save the New Preset

Once you’re done creating a new preset, save the new template by clicking the create button, and your new preset will be saved in the preset panel. You can use it to other images in the future.

How to install presets from other users?

There are a lot of websites available in the online market where you can find different styles of lightroom templates shared by other photographers. Moreover, you can also find a lot of presets on adobe’s blog site. Downloading and installing these presets in your lightroom is easy, all you need to do is follow these steps below:

  • Download the presets you want to use
  • Unzip the files
  • Then,open the lightroom software by going to menu-preferences-presets tab-show lightroom presets folder.
  • Click on develop presets – user presets
  • Paste the files from the zipped folder and you’re downloaded presets are ready to use.


If you want to try your luck in the photo editing industry, you may want to look for a ready to use presets in lightroom. These pre-installed presets can be used as your starting tool. All you have to do is open a photo to edit, apply your desired style of preset, look for other parameters that needs more editing, modify it to look better, and save it as presets. As easy as that, you will have a high quality image.

If you want to check more information about lightroom presets, check out the page about how to install lightroom 5 presets explained by

Edit Your Photos With Your Smartphone

Tired of dull and unattractive photos? Are you fond of taking pictures with your mobile phone but the resolution seem to be not good enough? Are you a novice in photography and starting to use your mobile phone cameras instead of buying the more expensive DSLRs? Don’t worry, your camera may be small but it can do great things, especially with the help of different software available for Android and iOS users. There are tons of camera software with tons of filters and effects while there are also lots of photo editing apps that comes with lots of features and styles.

Camera Software
smartphone cameraIt depends on the quality of the camera of your smartphone but basically, your default camera app comes with a variety of styles and filters that can actually improve the quality of the photographs you’ve taken.  Just like your digital cameras, most mobile phone cameras now optimize the use of flash in order to take brighter pictures even during the night. If you want to take a photo of a scenery, you can also maximize the Panorama feature of your smartphones. There is also the bonus HDR which brings a sharper touch to your pictures and gives it a truly high definition resolution.

Just in case these default features of your default camera app isn’t enough, there are always downloadable camera apps from the Apple Store or Google Play Store that can help you bring out the best from your mobile phone Camera. Most, if not all, of these camera software applications are not only used to capture better photos but can also be used to edit already captured photos from the past.

There are numerous camera applications out there, including:
• Camera 360 Ultimate
• Cymera
• Camera +
• Camera Awesome
• 100 Cameras in 1
• Pro Camera
• Camera Genius
• Vintique

You can easily download these camera applications in your App Store, most of them are even free and very lightweight.

Photo Editing
mobile photo editorWhen you’ve captured photos in the past without the aid of different non-default camera software applications, it is likely that you are not contented with the sharpness and resolution of the photos. Good thing there are photo editing applications also available in your App Store for a better quality of photos. You will simply have to open the application, select the existing picture that you’d like to edit, apply a few tweaks here and there. With these simple steps, you can easily make your photos look like they’ve been taken with high-resolution cameras and equipment.

One of the best photo editing applications free for the general public’s use is Google’s Snapseed. This application allows you to easily tune your image, make it brighter, saturate it a little, add a little warmth, and add highlights, with just a few clicks. You can also add vignette to the photos, transform it horizontally or vertically and even crop it.

For those who want to make collages of photos, there are also numerous applications available in the Application Store for your use. With just a few clicks, you will be able to make a collage of all your photos.

The list of photo-editing and collage making applications include:
• Snapseed
• Cymera
• Camera 360
• Retrica
• Adobe Photoshop Express
• PicCollage
• Framatic