Edit Your Photos With Your Smartphone

Tired of dull and unattractive photos? Are you fond of taking pictures with your mobile phone but the resolution seem to be not good enough? Are you a novice in photography and starting to use your mobile phone cameras instead of buying the more expensive DSLRs? Don’t worry, your camera may be small but it can do great things, especially with the help of different software available for Android and iOS users. There are tons of camera software with tons of filters and effects while there are also lots of photo editing apps that comes with lots of features and styles.

Camera Software
smartphone cameraIt depends on the quality of the camera of your smartphone but basically, your default camera app comes with a variety of styles and filters that can actually improve the quality of the photographs you’ve taken.  Just like your digital cameras, most mobile phone cameras now optimize the use of flash in order to take brighter pictures even during the night. If you want to take a photo of a scenery, you can also maximize the Panorama feature of your smartphones. There is also the bonus HDR which brings a sharper touch to your pictures and gives it a truly high definition resolution.

Just in case these default features of your default camera app isn’t enough, there are always downloadable camera apps from the Apple Store or Google Play Store that can help you bring out the best from your mobile phone Camera. Most, if not all, of these camera software applications are not only used to capture better photos but can also be used to edit already captured photos from the past.

There are numerous camera applications out there, including:
• Camera 360 Ultimate
• Cymera
• Camera +
• Camera Awesome
• 100 Cameras in 1
• Pro Camera
• Camera Genius
• Vintique

You can easily download these camera applications in your App Store, most of them are even free and very lightweight.

Photo Editing
mobile photo editorWhen you’ve captured photos in the past without the aid of different non-default camera software applications, it is likely that you are not contented with the sharpness and resolution of the photos. Good thing there are photo editing applications also available in your App Store for a better quality of photos. You will simply have to open the application, select the existing picture that you’d like to edit, apply a few tweaks here and there. With these simple steps, you can easily make your photos look like they’ve been taken with high-resolution cameras and equipment.

One of the best photo editing applications free for the general public’s use is Google’s Snapseed. This application allows you to easily tune your image, make it brighter, saturate it a little, add a little warmth, and add highlights, with just a few clicks. You can also add vignette to the photos, transform it horizontally or vertically and even crop it.

For those who want to make collages of photos, there are also numerous applications available in the Application Store for your use. With just a few clicks, you will be able to make a collage of all your photos.

The list of photo-editing and collage making applications include:
• Snapseed
• Cymera
• Camera 360
• Retrica
• Adobe Photoshop Express
• PicCollage
• Framatic